The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do (As An Artist)


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The most important thing you will ever do as an artist. It is a bold statement, because the direction and progression of your career depends on it. What is your career worth to you?

Branding is the foundation of your entire career. Many artists have a strong misconception that branding is slapping their name on a few koozies and t'shirts and an outdated logo that "still works for them," but it is so much more than that. 

Your “brand” is what SOMEONE thinks of when TheY hear your name.

I would like you to pause and let that sentence reverberate in your brain. Meditate on it. What comes to mind when people hear your name. Close your eyes, and allow it to consume you.

It's a game changer, right?

The purpose of branding is to make a genuine connection with your audience - it is their perception of you. While creativity is instrumental (pun intended), it will only get you so far. Developing a successful brand takes alotta hustle and work, because it transcends the art you are offering the world. It is developing brand loyalty through the way you make your fans feel

Think about your favorite band or artist. What do you love about them?

No seriously, stop right now and marinate on that for a minute. Aside from the product, why do you choose to follow them? Is it their personality? Their work ethic? Because they are from the same town as you? Maybe they have a cool backstory? 



Allow me to use Dave Barnes as an example. Barnes is a singer/songwriter out of Nashville - and while his music is fun and easy-going, I would easily follow him for his personality alone. His wit and humor both on and off stage is captivating, and he uses it to engage his fans. His lightheartedness and spirit compliments his music.

Exhibit A:


Please send help, new music edition.

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By rooting your art with your brand identity and your story, you create a meaningful kinship with your followers, and in turn, build brand loyalty and longevity. How do you want to make your followers feel? How do you want to bring value to the world? This is the foundation of your entire career. Every choice you make, every content piece you release, every thing that comes out of your mouth needs to be rooted in your brand identity.

So... if your career depends on it, how much is it worth it to you?

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