Branding is about making a genuine connection with followers, while marketing is finding where those followers exist and figuring out the best way to reach them. 

While creativity is instrumental (pun intended), it will only get you so far. Clarifying your goals, reinforcing yourself as the backbone of your brand, and stepping into action with the tools provided here is what will make you stand out and propel you closer to your goals. Developing a successful brand as an artist takes a lot of hustle and work, much of which happens off stage and out of the spotlight.

The mission of OffStage is to provide emerging artists with the tips, education and resources they need to thrive as a brand. We want to help you grow your business, feel inspired creatively, and spotlight a vibrant community finding their way in an evolving industry. This community is privately owned, which means we don't have a quota of content to meet. We release content that is pertinent to developing your business... no fluff, no click bait. For this very reason we are a [free] membership site, so that we can notify you when we release new content.

You are the hero in your own story. OffStage is simply a guide. It is up to YOU to utilize the tools and information provided here to build the brand and life you want for yourself. 


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